SearchServiceApplicationInfo members

Represents information about the search service application.

The SearchServiceApplicationInfo type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AlertsEnabled
Public property DefaultQueryTimeout
Public property DefaultSearchProvider Gets the search provider specified for the search service application.
Public property DiscoveryMaxKeywordQueryTextLength
Public property DiscoveryMaxRowLimit
Public property InstalledLanguages List of all installed languages available on the farm with SSA
Public property InstallLanguageLCID The languague of the installer that was used to install the farm with the SSA
Public property MaxKeywordQueryTextLength
Public property MaxQueryTimeout
Public property MaxRowLimit
Public property PersonalQuerySuggestionsEnabled
Public property PropertyBag Gets the collection of property names and values for the Search service application.
Public property QueryLoggingDailyLimit
Public property QueryLoggingEnabled Gets a Boolean value specifying whether query logging is enabled
Public property QuerySuggestionsEnabled Gets a Boolean value specifying whether query suggestions are enabled.
Public property SearchCenterUrl
Public property SearchServiceApplicationId Gets or sets the GUID for the search service application.
Public property SharedSearchBoxSettings
Public property UseSimpleSchemaUI

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