ResultTableCollection properties

The ResultTableCollection type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ContractVersion
Public property Count Gets the number of ResultTable objects in the collection.
Public property DatabaseTime Gets or sets the duration of query execution on the database server.
Public property Definition Gets the ResultDefinition structures for the results of the query.
Public property ElapsedTime Gets or sets the total duration of the query, combining the time spent executing the query on the database server with the time spent in the SharePoint Server search object model.
Public property IgnoredNoiseWords Gets or sets the list of ignored noise words.
Public property IMSProxyTime
Public property Item Obsolete. Gets a ResultTable object from the collection, based on the result type.
Public property KeywordInformation Gets a KeywordInformation object that provides information about a matched special term and its definition for a keyword search.
Public property Properties
Public property Properties_Client
Public property QueryErrors
Public property QueryErrors_Client
Public property QueryId
Public property QueryModification Applies to: Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
Gets or sets the modified query.
Public property QueryProcessingTime The time it took for the search query to be processed by the Search service application.
Public property QueryTerms Gets or sets a list of the search terms used by the query.
Public property SpellingSuggestion Gets or sets an alternate spelling for a search term that is not recognized.
Public property TriggeredRules