KnownTableTypes members
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KnownTableTypes members

SharePoint 2013

Represents some special known values for TableType.

The KnownTableTypes type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method Static member IsKnownTableType Indicates if the type of table is known.

  Name Description
Public field Static member DefinitionResults Provides the definitions (not links) for the searched keywords.
Public field Static member InterleavingInformation Contains information about how to interleave data other tables returned for the same query.
Public field Static member PersonalFavoriteResults Provides results of a query of personal favorites.
Public field Static member RefinementResults Provides refinement data for the query.
Public field Static member RelevantResults Gives regular search results fetched from the underlying search engine.
Public field Static member SpecialTermResults Presents results of a search for specific terms.
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