ISecurityTrimmerPost members

SharePoint 2013

The ISecurityTrimmerPost interface must be implemented if you want to hook into the query processing component, to perform dynamic access checks of documents, to be displayed in search results at query time.

The ISecurityTrimmerPost type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method CheckAccess This is the main method for checking user access. The query processing component will submit batches of documentInformation; the implementation must return which ones are displayable for the current authenticated user via an array of bitmask.In addition to the URL, the query processing component will pass in query session properties that are valid only for the duration of the current call into the query processing component. Implementations may write to these query session properties to store information that's needed across multiple executions of CheckAccess within the scope of a single client call to the query processing component. No synchronization is required before writing to the query session properties.Query session properties are shared across trimmer implementations, so it must not be cleared. Only properties set by a particular trimmer implementation may be altered. New properties may be created at any time.
Public method Initialize When implemented in a class, initializes the security trimmer object that is called by the Search in SharePoint 2013 query service process.