InvalidPropertyException members

Represents the exception that is thrown when the search query contains a property that is not valid.

The InvalidPropertyException type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Data (Inherited from Exception.)
Public property HelpLink (Inherited from Exception.)
Protected property HResult (Inherited from Exception.)
Public property InnerException (Inherited from Exception.)
Public property Message (Inherited from Exception.)
Public property Property Gets the property name that triggered the InvalidPropertyException exception.
Public property Source (Inherited from Exception.)
Public property StackTrace (Inherited from Exception.)
Public property TargetSite (Inherited from Exception.)

  Name Description
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetBaseException (Inherited from Exception.)
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetObjectData (Inherited from Exception.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Exception.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public method ToString Creates and returns a string representation of the current exception. (Overrides Exception.ToString().)

  Name Description
Protected event SerializeObjectState (Inherited from Exception.)

  Name Description
Explicit interface implemetation Private method ISerializable.GetObjectData Gets the object data by using the serialization information and the streaming context.