SearchAdminWebServiceInstance members

Represents an instance of a Search administration Web service that runs on a server.

The SearchAdminWebServiceInstance type exposes the following members.

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Public method SearchAdminWebServiceInstance Initializes a new instance of the SearchAdminWebServiceInstance class.

  Name Description
Public property CanUpgrade (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property Description (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property DisplayName (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Farm (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Hidden (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Id (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Instance (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property IsBackwardsCompatible (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property ManageLink (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Name (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property NeedsUpgrade (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property NeedsUpgradeIncludeChildren (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Properties (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property ProvisionLink (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Protected property ProvisionUpdateStatus (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Roles Obsolete. (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Server (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Service (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Status (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property SystemService Gets a value that indicates whether the service is a system service. (Overrides SPServiceInstance.SystemService.)
Public property TypeName (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property UnprovisionLink (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property UpgradeContext (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property UpgradedPersistedProperties (Inherited from SPAutoSerializingObject.)
Public property Version (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Protected property WasCreated (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)

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Public method Clone (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Delete (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetChild<T>() (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method GetChild<T>(String) (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method GetObjectData (Inherited from SPAutoSerializingObject.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method HasAdditionalUpdateAccess (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Invalidate (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method OnDeserialization (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Provision (Inherited from SPIisWebServiceInstance.)
Public method ToString (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Uncache (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Unprovision (Inherited from SPIisWebServiceInstance.)
Public method Update() (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method Update(Boolean) (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Protected method UpdateParent (Inherited from SPAutoSerializingObject.)
Public method Upgrade() (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public method Upgrade(Boolean) (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Protected method Validate (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public method ValidateBackwardsCompatibility (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)