Scope members

Represents a search scope in SharePoint Server search.

The Scope type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AlternateResultsPage Gets or sets the URL for an alternate search results page.
Public property CanBeDeleted Gets a value that specifies whether the scope can be deleted or not.
Public property CompilationState Applies to: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 search
Gets the current compilation state for a search scope.
Public property CompilationType Applies to: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 search
Gets or sets the type of scope compilation.
Public property ContainingDisplayGroups Gets the names of the display groups that contain this scope.
Public property Count Gets the number of content items in a search scope.
Public property Description Gets or sets the text description for a scope.
Public property DisplayInAdminUI Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether a scope is displayed in the Search Administration user interface.
Public property Filter Applies to: Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
Gets or sets a scope filter.
Public property ID Gets the scope ID.
Public property LastCompilationTime Gets the time when the last scope compilation completed for a scope.
Public property LastModifiedBy Gets the name of the user who last modified a scope.
Public property LastModifiedTime Gets the time when a scope was last modified.
Public property Name Gets or sets the scope name.
Public property OwningSite Gets the site that owns the scope.
Public property Rules Gets the collection of scope rules for a scope.

  Name Description
Public method CreateResultSource
Public method Delete Deletes the scope.
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Public method Update Updates a scope with any changes made.