Schema Members
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Schema Members

Provides access to the property metadata management system for Enterprise Search.

The Schema type exposes the following members.

Public method Schema Initializes a new instance of the Schema class.

Public property AllCategories Gets the collection of Category objects representing the crawled property categories in the search schema for the Shared Service Provider.
Public property AllManagedProperties Gets the collection of ManagedProperty objects representing managed properties in the search schema for the Shared Service Provider.
Public property SearchApplication Gets the SearchContext object representing the search service for the Shared Service Provider.

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Public method GetCrawledProperty Returns a CrawledProperty object representing a crawled property from the search service's schema.
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Public method Static member IsMappable Gets a Boolean value indicating whether crawled properties with the specified data type can be mapped to managed properties with the specified managed data type.
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Public method QueryCrawledProperties
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