CrawlStorePartitionManager methods

SharePoint 2013

The CrawlStorePartitionManager type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method BeginCrawlStoreRebalancing Start rebalancing content across crawl stores.
Public method BeginMovingDataOutOfCrawlStores Start moving data out of the crawl stores with the specified IDs into the remaining crawl stores. At the end of this operation, the specified crawl stores will be empty.
Public method Completed Check the state of the crawl store partition change with the supplied ID. This method should be used to check status of rebalancing and data moves that are initiated using the methods above.
Public method CrawlStoresAreUnbalanced Check if the crawled content is evenly distributed across all of the crawl stores for this search service application.
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Public method GetHypotheticalPartitionMoves Get a list of partition moves that would rebalance the data across the crawl stores of this search service application.
Public method GetPartitionMoveStates Get detailed information about partition moves.
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Public method RefreshSearchServiceApplication Refresh the reference to the search service application held by this object.
Public method TimeToCompletion Get the estimated time to complete the partition move with the supplied change ID, which must have been obtained by a call to either BeginCrawlStoreRebalancing or BeginMovingDataOutOfCrawlStores.
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