CrawlHistory.CrawlStatus Enumeration

Specifies all possible crawl stages. These values are used by GetCrawlHistory(CrawlHistory.CrawlStatus) and GetCrawlHistory(Int32, DateTime, DateTime, CrawlHistory.CrawlStatus) to filter the result set.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search (in Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.dll)

public enum CrawlStatus

Member nameDescription
CRAWL_ACQUIREIDThe crawl has acquired a new crawl identifier.
CRAWL_STATUS_INSERTSTARTPAGEThe crawl has added a start address to the list of start addresses to be crawled.
CRAWL_STARTCHECKThe crawl has attempted to start. A crawl can start if none of the content sources are involved in another crawl.
CRAWL_STATUS_STARTThe crawl has started.
CRAWL_STATUS_FORBIDThe crawl has been aborted because one of the content sources is involved in another crawl.
CRAWL_UPDATE_SEEDThe index server has stopped the crawl. The server sends this request if another crawl of the same content source is already in progress, the content source has no start addresses, or all of the start addresses are excluded by the crawl rules.
CRAWL_QUERY_DONEThe crawl has checked to see whether it is complete.
CRAWL_STATUS_DELETEUNVISITEDITEMSThe crawl has deleted items that were found by the previous full crawl but that were not found by this crawl.
CRAWL_STATUS_PAUSEThe crawl has paused.
CRAWL_STATUS_RESUMEThe crawl has resumed.
CRAWL_STATUS_DONEThe crawl is complete.
CRAWL_UPDATE_STOPThe index server has sent a request to stop the crawl.
CRAWL_STATUS_STOPThe crawl has stopped.
CRAWL_STATUS_RESETThe crawl has cleaned up its data because a search application has been reset.
CRAWL_START_DELETEThe delete crawl operation has started.
CRAWL_DELETE_CSThe delete crawl operation has deleted a content source.
CRAWL_DELETE_SAThe delete crawl operation has deleted a start address.
NONEValue to use in place of NULL when no filter is wanted.

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