Microsoft.Office.Server.ObjectCache Namespace

Defines the in-memory object cache for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 objects.

The classes and methods in this namespace provide a cache interface that can be used to store objects of any type.

Public classCacheItemRemovedEventArgsArguments that support the NotifyItemRemoved() method.
Public classKeyValuePairSpecifies an optional property for an object in a cache.
Public classSPCacheAllows access to allocated caches.
Public classSPCacheConfigHelper class for managing object caches.
Public classSPCachedObjectRepresents an instance of an object in a cache, along with metadata related to expiration, size, hit count, expiration, and parent-child relationships.

Public structureCacheParameterSpecifies the possible parameters for creating a cache.

Public interfaceISPCacheDefines an interface for adding, deleting, and retrieving cached objects.

Public enumerationDeletionReasonAn enumeration that defines the possible reasons for an object’s removal from a cache.
Public enumerationPriorityTypeAn enumeration that specifies the possible priority levels for objects in a cache.

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