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MethodInstanceType Enumeration

MethodInstanceType Enumeration

Represents the type of a MethodInstance object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRegistry.MetadataModel
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll)

public enum MethodInstanceType

Member nameDescription
FinderA special method that returns instances of an entity. Finder methods are static methods.

A Finder MethodInstance returns 0 or more instances of an Entity given 0 or more filter values as input to the method. An Entity may or may not have a Finder method defined (for example, Entities that are reachable only by means of an Association may not have a Finder). The fields on the instances of an Entity (i.e. the View) returned by a Finder may be different from those returned by a SpecificFinder.

There may be only one MethodInstance of Type Finder on an Entity.

SpecificFinderA special method that returns a single entity instance. SpecificFinder methods are nonstatic methods and require the ID of an .entity instance.

A SpecificFinder MethodInstance returns one instance of an Entity given a corresponding EntityInstance identifier (or a collection of subidentifiers in the case of an Entity with a composite key) as input to the method. If the identifier is invalid, the method throws object not found. An Entity may or may not have a SpecificFinder method defined. The fields on the instances of an Entity (i.e. the View) returned by a SpecificFinder may be different from those returned by a Finder.

There may be only one MethodInstance of Type SpecificFinder on an Entity.

ViewAccessorReturns a named collection of field values for an entity.

A ViewAccessor is a MethodInstance used to switch the View of an existing EntityInstance to a different view. Changing the view changes the set of fields on the EntityInstance, but retains the identity of the EntityInstance as well as the fields that define the Identity of the Entity.

Entities have zero or more ViewAccessor methods and they are nonstatic methods.

GenericInvokerUsed to invoke in the back-end line-of-business (LOB) application that is not one of the methods described previously.

For example, you can use a GenericInvoker method to execute a method in the back-end application to edit an entity or to update the unit price in the Products table.

Entities have zero or more GenericInvoker methods.

IdEnumeratorReturns the list of IDs (unique keys) for each entity that should be searchable. This enables indexing of the entities whose IDs the IDEnumerator method returns.

Entities have zero or one IDEnumerator method.

ScalarA special method that is optimized to return a single piece of data from the backend application.
AccessCheckerA special method that returns the rights a user has on one or more entity instances. A right can be a single bit or a collection of bits. The rights, once determined, can be used by Business Data client applications via the Entity.CheckAccess method.
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