ActivityPreference members

This object, member, or enumeration is deprecated and is not intended to be used in your code.  SharePoint 2013 includes the following APIs for working with feeds: .NET client, JavaScript, REST, and server. See Work with social feeds in SharePoint 2013 to choose the API for your specific feed-related programming tasks.  

Defines the ActivityType objects whose events an entity does not want to see in a feed.

The ActivityPreference type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ActivityTypeId Gets the identifier of the ActivityType object associated with this ActivityPreference.
Public property EntityId Gets the identifier of the Entity object whose preference is stored in this ActivityPreference object.
Public property PartitionId Gets the identifier for the current data partition.

  Name Description
Public method Commit Commits all changes to the ActivityPreference object to the database.
Public method Dispose Releases all unmanaged resources used by this object.
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Public method Refresh Repopulates the ActivityPreference with information from the database.
Public method Remove Removes this ActivityPreference object from the database.
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