EcmDocumentRouterRuleCollection Class

Represents the collection of rules that are used by the content organizer to organize submitted documents.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.RecordsManagement.RecordsRepository
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Policy (in Microsoft.Office.Policy.dll)

public class EcmDocumentRouterRuleCollection : ICollection<EcmDocumentRouterRule>, 
	IEnumerable<EcmDocumentRouterRule>, IEnumerable

Each EcmDocumentRouterRule object specifies the final location for documents of a specific content type. Optionally, the rule may also place additonal requirements on the metadata of the document so that the document will be routed to the location specified by the rule. The EcmDocumentRoutingRuleCollection contains all of the rules specified for a SPWeb object that has the content organizer enabled.

When a document is submitted to an EcmDocumentRoutingWeb object, all Enabled in the site are evaluated in the order of Priority to determine the final location for the document.

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