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Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Workflow Namespace

This namespace includes classes that define and manage Project Server workflow activities and workflow event handlers.

When you develop a Project Server workflow, you must set a reference to the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Workflow.dll assembly. However, unless you develop a custom workflow activity, you do not need to directly use classes in the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Workflow namespace. You can use workflow activities in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Toolbar when you develop a workflow project. When you drag a workflow activity from the Toolbar to the Sequential Workflow design view, Visual Studio 2010 generates the required code. For an example, see How to: Create a Branching Workflow.

Following are the ten built-in Microsoft Project Server 2010 workflow activities, each of which is defined by a class of the same name:

  • CompareProjectProperty

  • OnProjectCheckIn

  • OnProjectCommit

  • OnProjectSubmit

  • ProjectSequence

  • ReadProjectProperty

  • ReadProjectSecurityGroupMembers

  • SetProjectStage

  • UpdateProjectProperty

  • UpdateProjectStageStatus

The three additional classes in the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Workflow namespace (PSWorkflowService, WorkflowFeatureReceiver, and WorkflowStringIds) manage the integration of Project Server workflows with the workflow infrastructure in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.

  Class Description
Public class CompareProjectProperty The workflow activity that compares the specified project property with another value.
Public class OnProjectCheckIn The workflow activity that waits for the PSWorkflowService.OnProjectCheckIn event, which occurs when the associated project is checked in, before continuing to other activities in the workflow.
Public class OnProjectCommit The workflow activity that waits for the PSWorkflowService.OnProjectCommit event, which occurs when the associated project is committed, before continuing the workflow.
Public class OnProjectSubmit The workflow activity that waits for the PSWorkflowService.OnProjectSubmit event, which occurs when the associated project is submitted, before continuing the workflow.
Public class ProjectSequence Initializes a Project Server workflow and contains all other activities that are part of the Project Server workflow.
Public class PSWorkflowService Implements methods and events for managing Project Server workflows.
Public class PSWorkflowServiceBase This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class ReadProjectProperty The workflow activity that reads the specified property of a project. The property can be an intrinsic property, such as the start date, or a project custom field.
Public class ReadProjectSecurityGroupMembers The workflow activity that reads the members of the specified Project Server security group; optionally filtered by the department of the active project.
Public class SetProjectStage The workflow activity that sets the current stage of a Project Server workflow.
Public class UpdateProjectProperty The workflow activity that updates the specified project property.
Public class UpdateProjectStageStatus The workflow activity that updates the status field and the status information field in the specified project stage.
Public class WorkflowFeatureReceiver Provides overrides of feature event handlers in the SPFeatureReceiver base class. Project Server 2010 workflows do not add any functionality to the SharePoint event handlers.
Public class WorkflowStringIds Provides tokens for strings in tooltips, messages, or properties of a Project Server workflow activity. Reserved for internal use.

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