PSSecurityGlobalPermission.DownloadPwaOutlookAddIn field

Office 2013 and later

NOTE: This API is now obsolete.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll)

[ObsoleteAttribute("The DownloadPwaOutlookAddIn permission has been deprecated. See the Microsoft Project 2010 SDK for more information.")]
public static readonly Guid DownloadPwaOutlookAddIn

In Project Server 2010, integration with Microsoft Outlook was done through Microsoft Exchange.

In Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, the DownloadPwaOutlookAddIn permission allows a user to download the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 add-in for Project Web App, which is used for synchronizing assignment information with Outlook.