WdKey enumeration

Specifies a keyboard character. Although uppercase and lowercase characters are designated by using different values in a character encoding map, they share a single constant in this enumeration.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word (in Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll)

public enum WdKey

Member nameDescription
wdNoKeyNo key.
wdKeyShiftThe SHIFT key.
wdKeyControlThe CTRL key.
wdKeyCommandThe Windows command key or Macintosh COMMAND key.
wdKeyAltThe ALT key.
wdKeyOptionThe mouse option key or Macintosh OPTION key.
wdKeyAThe A key.
wdKeyBThe B key.
wdKeyCThe C key.
wdKeyDThe D key.
wdKeyEThe E key.
wdKeyFThe F key.
wdKeyGThe G key.
wdKeyHThe H key.
wdKeyIThe I key.
wdKeyJThe J key.
wdKeyKThe K key.
wdKeyLThe L key.
wdKeyMThe M key.
wdKeyNThe N key.
wdKeyOThe O key.
wdKeyPThe P key.
wdKeyQThe Q key.
wdKeyRThe R key.
wdKeySThe S key.
wdKeyTThe T key.
wdKeyUThe U key.
wdKeyVThe V key.
wdKeyWThe W key.
wdKeyXThe X key.
wdKeyYThe Y key.
wdKeyZThe Z key.
wdKey0The 0 key.
wdKey1The 1 key.
wdKey2The 2 key.
wdKey3The 3 key.
wdKey4The 4 key.
wdKey5The 5 key.
wdKey6The 6 key.
wdKey7The 7 key.
wdKey8The 8 key.
wdKey9The 9 key.
wdKeyBackspaceThe BACKSPACE key.
wdKeyTabThe TAB key.
wdKeyReturnThe ENTER or RETURN key.
wdKeyPauseThe PAUSE key.
wdKeyEscThe ESC key.
wdKeySpacebarThe SPACEBAR key.
wdKeyPageUpThe PAGE UP key.
wdKeyPageDownThe PAGE DOWN key.
wdKeyEndThe END key.
wdKeyHomeThe HOME key.
wdKeyInsertThe INSERT key.
wdKeyDeleteThe DELETE key.
wdKeyNumeric0The 0 key.
wdKeyNumeric1The 1 key.
wdKeyNumeric2The 2 key.
wdKeyNumeric3The 3 key.
wdKeyNumeric4The 4 key.
wdKeyNumeric5The 5 key.
wdKeyNumeric6The 6 key.
wdKeyNumeric7The 7 key.
wdKeyNumeric8The 8 key.
wdKeyNumeric9The 9 key.
wdKeyNumericMultiplyThe * key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericAddThe + key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericSubtractThe - key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericDecimalThe . key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericDivideThe / key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyF1The F1 key.
wdKeyF2The F2 key.
wdKeyF3The F3 key.
wdKeyF4The F4 key.
wdKeyF5The F5 key.
wdKeyF6The F6 key.
wdKeyF7The F7 key.
wdKeyF8The F8 key.
wdKeyF9The F9 key.
wdKeyF10The F10 key.
wdKeyF11The F11 key.
wdKeyF12The F12 key.
wdKeyF13The F13 key.
wdKeyF14The F14 key.
wdKeyF15The F15 key.
wdKeyF16The F16 key.
wdKeyScrollLockThe SCROLL LOCK key.
wdKeySemiColonThe ; key.
wdKeyEqualsThe = key.
wdKeyCommaThe , key.
wdKeyHyphenThe - key.
wdKeyPeriodThe . key.
wdKeySlashThe / key.
wdKeyBackSingleQuoteThe ` key.
wdKeyOpenSquareBraceThe [ key.
wdKeyBackSlashThe \ key.
wdKeyCloseSquareBraceThe ] key.
wdKeySingleQuoteThe ' key.