This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WdColor Enumeration 

Specifies the 24-bit color to apply.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word (in

Dim wdColor1 As WdColor = WdColor.wdColorAqua

public enum WdColor
public enum WdColor
public enum WdColor

Member nameDescription
wdColorAquaAqua color.
wdColorAutomaticAutomatic color. Default; usually black.
wdColorBlackBlack color.
wdColorBlueBlue color.
wdColorBlueGrayBlue-gray color.
wdColorBrightGreenBright green color.
wdColorBrownBrown color.
wdColorDarkBlueDark blue color.
wdColorDarkGreenDark green color.
wdColorDarkRedDark red color.
wdColorDarkTealDark teal color.
wdColorDarkYellowDark yellow color.
wdColorGoldGold color.
wdColorGray05Shade 05 of gray color.
wdColorGray10Shade 10 of gray color.
wdColorGray125Shade 125 of gray color.
wdColorGray15Shade 15 of gray color.
wdColorGray20Shade 20 of gray color.
wdColorGray25Shade 25 of gray color.
wdColorGray30Shade 30 of gray color.
wdColorGray35Shade 35 of gray color.
wdColorGray375Shade 375 of gray color.
wdColorGray40Shade 40 of gray color.
wdColorGray45Shade 45 of gray color.
wdColorGray50Shade 50 of gray color.
wdColorGray55Shade 55 of gray color.
wdColorGray60Shade 60 of gray color.
wdColorGray625Shade 625 of gray color.
wdColorGray65Shade 65 of gray color.
wdColorGray70Shade 70 of gray color.
wdColorGray75Shade 75 of gray color.
wdColorGray80Shade 80 of gray color.
wdColorGray85Shade 85 of gray color.
wdColorGray875Shade 875 of gray color.
wdColorGray90Shade 90 of gray color.
wdColorGray95Shade 95 of gray color.
wdColorGreenGreen color.
wdColorIndigoIndigo color.
wdColorLavenderLavender color.
wdColorLightBlueLight blue color.
wdColorLightGreenLight green color.
wdColorLightOrangeLight orange color.
wdColorLightTurquoiseLight turquoise color.
wdColorLightYellowLight yellow color.
wdColorLimeLime color.
wdColorOliveGreenOlive green color.
wdColorOrangeOrange color.
wdColorPaleBluePale blue color.
wdColorPinkPink color.
wdColorPlumPlum color.
wdColorRedRed color.
wdColorRoseRose color.
wdColorSeaGreenSea green color.
wdColorSkyBlueSky blue color.
wdColorTanTan color.
wdColorTealTeal color.
wdColorTurquoiseTurquoise color.
wdColorVioletViolet color.
wdColorWhiteWhite color.
wdColorYellowYellow color.

Development Platforms

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000

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