This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Series Methods

The Series type exposes the following members.

Public method ApplyCustomType Applies a standard or custom chart type to a series.
Public method ApplyDataLabels Applies data labels to a series.
Public method ClearFormats Clears the formatting of the object.
Public method Copy If the series has a picture fill, then this method copies the picture to the Clipboard.
Public method DataLabels Returns an object that represents either a single data label (a DataLabel object) or a collection of all the data labels for the series (a DataLabels collection).
Public method Delete Deletes the object.
Public method ErrorBar Applies error bars to the series. Object.
Public method Paste Pastes a picture from the Clipboard as the marker on the selected series.
Public method Points Returns a collection of all the points in the series.
Public method Select Selects the object.
Public method Trendlines Returns a collection of all the trendlines for the series.