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InlineShapes Members
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InlineShapes Members

A collection of InlineShape objects that represent all the inline shapes in a document, range, or selection.

The InlineShapes type exposes the following members.

Public method AddChart Inserts a chart, of the specified type, as an inline shape into the active document, and opens Microsoft Office Excel with a sheet that contains the default data that Microsoft Office Word uses to create the chart.
Public method AddHorizontalLine Adds a horizontal line based on an image file to the current document.
Public method AddHorizontalLineStandard Adds a horizontal line to the current document.
Public method AddOLEControl Creates an ActiveX control (formerly known as an OLE control).
Public method AddOLEObject Creates an OLE object.
Public method AddPicture Adds a picture to a document.
Public method AddPictureBullet Adds a picture bullet based on an image file to the current document.
Public method AddSmartArt Inserts a SmartArt graphic as an inline shape into the active document.
Public method GetEnumerator (Inherited from IEnumerable.)
Public method New Inserts an empty, 1-inch-square Microsoft Word picture object surrounded by a border.

Public property Application Returns a Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application.
Public property Count Returns the number of items in the specified collection.
Public property Creator Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created.
Public property Item Returns an individual object in a collection.
Public property Parent Returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified object.

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