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UccPlatform Class

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Represents a co-creatable class for the application framework in the UCC API. The class can be co-created.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi (in

public class UccPlatform
public class UccPlatform
public class UccPlatform

An UCC API application instantiates this class to obtain a pointer to the IUccPlatform interface. The instantiation of this coclass must proceed the use of any other UCC API features. This is a singleton class. For each application process, one class instance can be created if the object does not exist. It returns a reference to this already created object for all the subsequent calls to instantiate this class. This class implements the IUccPlatform, IUccMediaDeviceManager, IUccMediaDeviceSettings, and IUccTraceSettings interfaces. The default interface is IUccPlatform. An application obtains the default interface on the class instance directly. Non-default interfaces, if any, can be obtained by calling QueryInterface on the default interface. An instance of this class is also a source of the events defined in the _IUccPlatformEvents and _IUccMediaDeviceManagerEvents dispinterfaces. This class can be co-created.

Win32 COM/C++ Syntax

coclass UccPlatform
   [default] interface IUccPlatform;
   interface IUccMediaDeviceManager;
   interface IUccMediaDeviceSettings;
   interface IUccTraceSettings;
   [default, source] dispinterface _IUccPlatformEvents;
   [source] dispinterface _IUccMediaDeviceManagerEvents;


The following example instantiates a new instance of the platform coclass. After the platform class object is initialized, the IUccMediaDeviceManager, IUccMediaDeviceSettings, and IUccTraceSettings interfaces are obtained by a cast operation on the platform class.

The UccPlatform class implements both _IUccPlatformEvents and _IUccMediaDeviceManagerEvents. For this reason, it is not necessary to obtain a reference to the IUccMediaDeviceManager interface before advising for media device manager events.
UccPlatform platform = new UccPlatform();
UCC_Advise<_IUccPlatformEvents>(_platform, this);
UCC_Advise<_IUccMediaDeviceManagerEvents>(_platform, this);
platform.Initialize("sampleApp", null);

IUccMediaDeviceManager mediaDeviceMgr = platform as IUccMediaDeviceManager;

IUccMediaDeviceSettings mediaDeviceSettings = platform as IUccMediaDeviceSettings;

IUccTraceSettings traceSettings = platform as IUccTraceSettings;

All public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread-safe. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe.

Development Platforms

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