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IUccSubscription Interface

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Encapsulates a subscription.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi (in

public interface IUccSubscription : IUnknown
public interface IUccSubscription extends IUnknown
public interface IUccSubscription extends IUnknown

A subscription is a type with properties describing both what information a local user is interested in and who published the information of interest. The IUccSubscription interface exposes functionality that allows a user to add or remove the names of categories of interest as well as maintain a list of presentities (IUccPresentity) representing publishing users.

A local subscribing user can receive publication updates only for presentities added to a subscription. Further, the local user's subscription must specify which updated categories are refreshed in the client. Calling the Subscribe method on the IUccSubscription interface sends a subscription request to a Unified Communications server. A client application first creates a subscription, then adds category names and presentites of interest, and finally requests the subscription. Publication updates are returned asynchronously in the form of _IUccCategoryContextEvents events.

The following example creates a subscription object, provides a presentity and a list of interested categories. As each interface reference is retrieved through a cast operation, the client advises for interface events. Finally the example creates the subscribe request to an Unified Communications server.

IUccSubscriptionManager subMgr = endpoint as IUccSubscriptionManager;
// Subscribe for "categories" and "containers" by creating a new subscription,
// advise for subscription events, adding self presentity and category names
// to the subscription and calling subscribe
IUccSubscription selfSubscription = subMgr.CreateSubscription(null);

// Create a presentity to represent self and advise for events
UccUri u = _UriManager.ParseUri(this.selfURI);
this.selfPresentity = this.selfSubscription.CreatePresentity(u, null);

//Advise IUccPresentity object of "this" as event handler for raised
//presentity events
UCC_Advise<_IUccPresentityEvents>(this.selfPresentity, this);

//Advise IUccSubscription object of "this" as event handler for raised
//subscription events
UCC_Advise<_IUccSubscriptionEvents>(this.selfSubscription, this);

//add interested publishing user ("self" in this case) to subscription

//add interested categories

//make subscription request to server

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