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IUccReadOnlyPropertyCollection Interface

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Represents a read-only property collection.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi (in

Public Interface IUccReadOnlyPropertyCollection
	Inherits IUccCollection, IDispatch, IUnknown
public interface IUccReadOnlyPropertyCollection extends IUccCollection, IDispatch, 
public interface IUccReadOnlyPropertyCollection extends IUccCollection, IDispatch, 

Each element of the collection is an IUccProperty instance. A property can be identified by a number (ID) or a string (Name). The latter is also known as a named property.

The read-only property collection implements IUccCollection and exposes additional methods for querying the existence of a collection item as well as accessing individual collection items. The read-only property collection exposes an enumerator, giving a client the ability to iterate over the read-only collection.

A read-only property collection interface instance can only be obtained from a property which returns an object of this type. Many Unified Communications Client API interfaces expose a Properties property for this purpose.

Win32 COM/C++ Syntax

interface IUccReadOnlyPropertyCollection : IUccCollection

The following example handles the OnGetConferenceList event raised by a conference manager session. The event data parameter (pEventData) exposes a read-only property collection with the Properties property. The example must determine if a given property has been added to the read-only property collection before accessing it. In this case, the example determines that the UCC_CONFERENCE_MANAGER_OPERATION_COMPLETED_EVENT_PROPERTY.UCCCMOCEP_CONFERENCE_LIST property was set by the object that raised the event.

The read-only property collection contains a collection of IUccProperty instances. Calling into get_Property returns a IUccProperty instance whose Value can be cast to the IUccCollection interface.

void _IUccConferenceManagerSessionEvents.OnGetConferenceList(
   UccConferenceManagerSession pEventSource,
   IUccOperationProgressEvent pEventData)
   IUccCollection myConferences = null;
   if (pEventData.IsComplete == true)
       conferences = new List<string>();
       IUccReadOnlyPropertyCollection rp = pEventData.Properties;
          myConferences = p.Value as IUccCollection;
       if (myConferences != null && myConferences.Count > 0)
          foreach (IUccProperty thisConference in myConferences)
              UccConferenceInformation ci = null;
              ci = thisConference.Value as UccConferenceInformation; 
              if (ci != null && ci.ConferenceUri != null)

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