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IUccPublication Interface

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Encapsulates a publication operation with which category instances are added, removed, or modified.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.UccApi (in

public interface class IUccPublication : IUnknown
public interface IUccPublication extends IUnknown
public interface IUccPublication extends IUnknown

To publish a set of category instances an application creates an IUccPublication instance. It then adds the category instances to the newly created publication object and calls the Publish method on this interface. The application should discard the IUccPublication instance when it receives an OnPublish event indicating that the category instances are published successfully. This procedure is repeated to publish a new set of category instances or to modify some previously published category instances. This is the recommended programming pattern. The application should create one IUccPublication instance for each publication operation. The publication object can not be used in repeated publications or updates of category instances.

Win32 COM/C++ Syntax

interface IUccPublication : IUnknown

The following example creates a publication object using an existing publication manager as a factory object. To receive publication events, a client must advise for publication events, specifiying the new publication object as the event source.

IUccPublication pub = pubMgr.CreatePublication() as IUccPublication;
if (pub != null)
   UCC_Advise<_IUccPublicationEvent>(pub, this);

Development Platforms

Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows Server 2000 with Service Pack 4, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, Windows Vista Business Edition, Windows Vista Enterprise Edition

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