PpSaveAsFileType Enumeration
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PpSaveAsFileType Enumeration

Office 2010

Constants that specify type of file to save as, passed to the SaveAs method of the _Presentation object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint (in Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.dll)

public enum PpSaveAsFileType

Member nameDescription
ppSaveAsPresentationSave as a presentation.
ppSaveAsPowerPoint7Reserved for internal use.
ppSaveAsPowerPoint4Reserved for internal use.
ppSaveAsPowerPoint3Reserved for internal use.
ppSaveAsTemplateSave as a template.
ppSaveAsRTFSave as an RTF.
ppSaveAsShowSave as a slide show.
ppSaveAsAddInSave as an AddIn.
ppSaveAsPowerPoint4FarEastReserved for internal use.
ppSaveAsDefaultSave in the default format.
ppSaveAsHTMLSave as an HTML document.
ppSaveAsHTMLv3Save as HTMLv3.
ppSaveAsHTMLDualSave as HTML Dual version.
ppSaveAsMetaFileSave as a MetaFile.
ppSaveAsGIFSave as a GIF image.
ppSaveAsJPGSave as a JPG image.
ppSaveAsPNGSave as a PNG image.
ppSaveAsBMPSave as an BMP image.
ppSaveAsWebArchiveSave as a Web archive.
ppSaveAsTIFSave as a TIF file.
ppSaveAsPresForReviewReserved for internal use.
ppSaveAsEMFSave in the Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) format.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLPresentationSave as an open XML presentation.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLPresentationMacroEnabledSave as a macro-enabled open XML presentation.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLTemplateSave as an open XML template.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLTemplateMacroEnabledSave as a macro-enabled open XML template.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLShowSave as an open XML show.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLShowMacroEnabledSave as a macro-enabled open XML show.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLAddinSave as an open XML add-in.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLThemeSave as an open XML theme.
ppSaveAsPDFSave as a PDF.
ppSaveAsXPSSave in the XML Paper Specification (XPS) format.
ppSaveAsXMLPresentationSave as an XML presentation.
ppSaveAsOpenDocumentPresentationSave as an open document presentation.
ppSaveAsOpenXMLPicturePresentationSave slideshow as an OpenXML Picture Presentation.
ppSaveAsWMVSave slideshow as a Windows Media Video (WMV) file.
ppSaveAsExternalConverterSave as External Converter.
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