PostItem Methods

The PostItem type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method ClearConversationIndex Clears the index of the conversation thread for the post. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method ClearTaskFlag Clears the PostItem object as a task. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Close Closes and optionally saves changes to the Outlook item. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Copy Creates another instance of an object. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Delete Removes the item from the folder that contains the item. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Display Displays a new Inspector object for the item. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Forward Executes the Forward action for an item and returns the resulting copy as a MailItem object. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method GetConversation Obtains a Conversation object that represents the conversation to which this item belongs. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method MarkAsTask Marks a PostItem object as a task and assigns a task interval for the object. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Move Moves a Microsoft Outlook item to a new folder. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Post Sends (posts) the PostItem object. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method PrintOut Prints the Outlook item using all default settings. The PrintOut method is the only Outlook method that can be used for printing. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Reply Creates a reply, pre-addressed to the original sender, from the original message. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method Save Saves the Microsoft Outlook item to the current folder or, if this is a new item, to the Outlook default folder for the item type. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method SaveAs Saves the Microsoft Outlook item to the specified path and in the format of the specified file type. If the file type is not specified, the MSG format (.msg) is used. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method SetACLs This object, member, or enumeration is deprecated and is not intended to be used in your code. (Inherited from _PostItem.)
Public method ShowCategoriesDialog Displays the Show Categories dialog box, which allows you to select categories that correspond to the subject of the item. (Inherited from _PostItem.)