AccountSelector members

Office 2013 and later

Provides the ability to obtain the account that is selected in the Microsoft Office Backstage view for the parent Explorer object.

The AccountSelector type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Application Returns an Application object that represents the parent Outlook application for the object. Read-only. (Inherited from _AccountSelector.)
Public property Class Returns an OlObjectClass constant indicating the object's class. Read-only. (Inherited from _AccountSelector.)
Public property Parent Returns the parent Object of the specified object. Read-only. (Inherited from _AccountSelector.)
Public property SelectedAccount Returns an Account object that represents the selected account in the Microsoft Office Backstage view in Microsoft Outlook. Read-only. (Inherited from _AccountSelector.)
Public property Session Returns the NameSpace object for the current session. Read-only. (Inherited from _AccountSelector.)

  Name Description
Public event SelectedAccountChange Occurs when the user selects a different account in the drop-down list under Account Information on the Info tab of the Microsoft Office Backstage view. (Inherited from AccountSelectorEvents_Event.)