This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

_PropertyAccessor Methods

The _PropertyAccessor type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method BinaryToString Converts the array of bytes specified by Value to a String (string in C#).
Public method DeleteProperties Deletes the properties specified in the array SchemaNames.
Public method DeleteProperty Deletes the property specified by SchemaName.
Public method GetProperties Obtains the values of the properties specified by the one-dimensional array SchemaNames.
Public method GetProperty Returns an Object that represents the value of the property specified by SchemaName.
Public method LocalTimeToUTC Converts a DateTime value specified by Value from the local time format to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format.
Public method SetProperties Sets the properties specified by the array SchemaNames to the values specified by the array Values.
Public method SetProperty Sets the property specified by SchemaName to the value specified by Value.
Public method StringToBinary Converts a string specified by Value to an array of bytes.
Public method UTCToLocalTime Converts the DateTime value that is specified by Value and expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to a value in local time.