This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Shape Methods 

  Name Description
Apply Applies to the specified shape formatting that’s been copied by using the PickUp method.
Copy Copies the object to the Clipboard.
CopyPicture Copies the selected object to the Clipboard as a picture.
Cut Cuts the object to the Clipboard or pastes it into a specified destination.
Delete Deletes the object.
Duplicate Duplicates the object and returns a reference to the new copy.
Flip Flips the specified shape around its horizontal or vertical axis.
IncrementLeft Moves the specified shape horizontally by the specified number of points.
IncrementRotation Changes the rotation of the specified shape around the z-axis by the specified number of degrees. Use the Rotation property to set the absolute rotation of the shape.
IncrementTop Moves the specified shape vertically by the specified number of points.
PickUp Copies the formatting of the specified shape. Use the Apply method to apply the copied formatting to another shape.
RerouteConnections Reroutes connectors so that they take the shortest possible path between the shapes they connect.
ScaleHeight Scales the height of the shape by a specified factor.
ScaleWidth Scales the width of the shape by a specified factor.
Select Selects the object.
SetShapesDefaultProperties Makes the formatting of the specified shape the default formatting for the shape.
Ungroup Ungroups any grouped shapes in the specified shape or range of shapes. Disassembles pictures and OLE objects within the specified shape. Returns the ungrouped shapes as a single ShapeRange object.
ZOrder Moves the specified shape in front of or behind other shapes in the collection (that is, changes the shape's position in the z-order).