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DiagramNode.CloneNode Method 

Clones a diagram node. Returns a DiagramNode object representing the cloned node.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel (in

Dim copyChildren As Boolean
Dim pTargetNode As DiagramNode
Dim pos As MsoRelativeNodePosition
Dim returnValue As DiagramNode
Dim diagramNode1 As DiagramNode
returnValue = diagramNode1.CloneNode(copyChildren, pTargetNode, pos)

DiagramNode CloneNode(
	[In] bool copyChildren, 
	[In] DiagramNode pTargetNode, 
	[In, Optional] MsoRelativeNodePosition pos
public DiagramNode CloneNode(
	/*in*/boolean copyChildren, 
	/*in*/DiagramNode pTargetNode, 
	/*in*/MsoRelativeNodePosition pos
function CloneNode(
	 copyChildren : Boolean, 
	 pTargetNode : DiagramNode, 
	 pos : MsoRelativeNodePosition
) : DiagramNode;



Required Boolean. True to clone the diagram node's children as well.


Required DiagramNode object. An expression that returns a DiagramNode object that represents the node where the new node will be placed.


Optional Microsoft.Office.Interop.Office.MsoRelativeNodePosiiton. If pTargetNode is specified, indicates where the node will be added relative to pTargetNode.

MsoRelativeNodePosition can be one of these constants:


msoAfterNode Default



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