XmlForm.HostName property

Office 2013 and later

Gets the name of the application hosting InfoPath as a control.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.InfoPath
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.InfoPath (in Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll)

public abstract string HostName { get; }

Property value

Type: System.String
The name of the host application.

This property is intended for use in scenarios where InfoPath is hosted as a control in another application and code running in InfoPath needs to access the name of the host application. Typically, the host application name returned will be used in the title bar text of dialog boxes instead of "Microsoft InfoPath".

For a brief overview of hosting InfoPath in another application, see "The InfoPath Editor Hosted as a Control" in What's New for InfoPath Developers. For more information about hosting InfoPath in another application, see the article titled "Hosting the InfoPath Editing Environment in a Custom Windows Form Application" on the InfoPath Developer Portal on MSDN.

This member can be accessed without restrictions.

This type or member can be accessed only from code running in forms opened in Microsoft InfoPath Filler.