XmlEventArgs Members (Microsoft.Office.InfoPath)

Provides data for the Changed event.

The following tables list the members exposed by the XmlEventArgs type.

  Name Description
Public field Static Empty  (inherited from EventArgs)

  Name Description
Public property Match Gets an XPathExpression object which contains an XPath expression that returns the node that is currently being changed.
Public property NewValue Gets the new value for the node being changed.
Public property OldParent Gets an XPathNavigator object pointing to the node which is the parent of the node being deleted.
Public property OldValue Gets the original value of the node that is being changed.
Public property Operation Gets an XmlOperation enumeration that indicates the type of operation that occurred when the node was changed.
Public property Site Gets an XPathNavigator object pointing at the node that is being changed.
Public property UndoRedo Gets a value that indicates whether the node being changed is part of an undo or redo operation.

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