SignedDataBlockCollection Class

The collection of SignedDataBlock objects that correspond to the sets of signable data in the form template as defined in the form definition file (.xsf).

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.InfoPath
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.InfoPath (in

A SignedDataBlock object in a SignedDataBlockCollection object returned for a form corresponds to a set of signable data that was configured in the form template at design time using the Digital Signature category in the Form Options dialog box. If the Enable digital signatures for specific data in the form option is selected in the Digital Signature category of the Form Options dialog box, there will be one SignedDataBlock object in the collection that represents each set of signable data configured using that option. If the Enable digital signatures for the entire form option is selected, there is only one SignedDataBlock object that represents the entire form.

The SignedDataBlockCollection class implements properties that can be used to access the SignedDataBlock objects associated with a form. The SignedDataBlockCollection is accessed through the SignedDataBlocks property of the XmlForm object.

The Item property and Count property of the SignedDataBlockCollection class are used to access and count the SignedDataBlock objects in the collection. You can provide a name or index value in your form code that allows InfoPath to use the Item method to access a SignedDataBlock object.

The SignedDataBlockCollection class also provides the ShowSignatureDialog method which displays the Digital Signatures dialog box at run time, if digital signatures were enabled in the form template at design time.


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