FormTemplate.Deactivate method

Deactivates a form template from a SharePoint site collection.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server (in Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.dll)

public void Deactivate(
	SPSite site


Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite

A SPSite object representing the site to which the form template is activated. Can be either the root site of the site collection or a subsite within the collection.

Deactivating a form template from a site removes the form template from the Form Templates library of the root of the site collection and from the available content types of the site collection.

The following example deactivates all form templates uploaded to the server farm from the "HRDept" site collection, and writes a message to the console for each form template that is deactivated.

An additional imports statement is required for the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace.

    Dim LocalFormsService As FormsService
    Dim LocalFarm As SPFarm
    Dim ft As FormTemplate
    Dim ExampleSite As SPSite

        LocalFarm = SPFarm.Local
        ExampleSite = New SPSite("http://server/sites/HRDept/")
        LocalFormsService = LocalFarm.Services.GetValue(Of FormsService)(FormsService.ServiceName)
        For Each ft In LocalFormsService.FormTemplates
            Console.WriteLine("Form template " & ft.Name & " deactivated from the " & ExampleSite.ToString())

        Console.Write("Press Enter to Continue")
    Catch ex As Exception
        Console.WriteLine("Error: " + ex.Message)
        Console.Write("Press Enter to Continue")
    End Try