FormControl.SetSubmitToHostEventHandler Method

Sets the event handler in the host application for handling the Submit method of the SubmitToHostAdapter object.

Namespace: Microsoft.Office.InfoPath
Assembly: Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.FormControl (in



The interface that must be implemented in the custom application to handle the event from the FormControl object.

Sets the function in the host application that is used as the callback function when submitting data back to the host application. To configure the data connection for submitting to the host application, open the form template in InfoPath design mode, click Submit Options on the Tools menu, select the Allow users to submit this form check box, select Hosting environment in the drop-down list, and then click Add.

For more information about the FormControl object, see Hosting the InfoPath 2007 Form Editing Environment in a Custom Windows Form Application and the "InfoPath Editor Hosted as a Control" section of What's New for InfoPath Developers.

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