Application members

Office 2013 and later

Represents the InfoPath application.

The Application type exposes the following members.

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Protected method Application

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Public property ActiveWindow Gets a reference to a Window object that represents the currently active window.
Public property ComAddIns Gets a Microsoft.Office.Core.COMAddIns object containing information about the COM Add-ins registered for the current InfoPath application.
Public property Environment Gets a reference to an Environment object that can be used to determine which runtime environment (InfoPath, Web browser, or mobile browser) the form is running in.
Public property LanguageSettings Gets a reference to the Microsoft.Office.Core.LanguageSettings object.
Public property MachineOnlineState Gets the current connection state of the client computer.
Public property Name Gets the name of the InfoPath application.
Public property UsableHeight Gets the available screen height, the maximum number of points to which you can set the height of an InfoPath document window.
Public property UsableWidth Gets the available screen width, the maximum number of points to which you can set the width of an InfoPath document window.
Public property User Gets a reference to the User object.
Public property Version Gets the InfoPath version number.
Public property Windows Gets a reference to the WindowCollection.
Public property XmlForms Gets a reference to the XmlFormCollection.

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Public method CacheFormTemplate Examines the form template in the cache and, if necessary, updates it from the published location of the form template.
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Public method GetFormTemplateLocation Gets the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or universal naming convention (UNC) location of a form template from the local cache ID.
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Public method IsDestinationReachable Gets a value indicating whether a connection can be made to the destination computer using the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL), universal naming convention (UNC) path, or IP address.
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Public method Quit() Quits the InfoPath application without prompting users to save open forms.
Public method Quit(Boolean) Quits the InfoPath application with the option to prompt users to save forms that are being closed.
Public method RegisterFormTemplate(String) Installs the specified form template.
Public method RegisterFormTemplate(String, String) Installs the specified form template with the option to overwrite the previous registration record for the form template.
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Public method UnregisterFormTemplate Uninstalls the specified form template.