AdoSubmitConnection class
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AdoSubmitConnection class

Office 2013 and later

Represents a connection for submitting data to a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.InfoPath
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.InfoPath (in Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll)

Public MustInherit Class AdoSubmitConnection _
	Inherits DataConnection
Dim instance As AdoSubmitConnection

The AdoSubmitConnection class provides properties that can be used to get and set information about the data connection's connection string, SQL command text, and timeout value. It also provides a method for creating a SQL command text fragment based on a specified XML node's attributes.


The AdoSubmitConnection class and its members will only work in code for form templates that are designed to be opened in the Microsoft InfoPath editor. This type and its members will not run in code for a browser-enabled form deployed to InfoPath Forms Services.

When a form designer creates a new form template by using the Database template, and then specifies the database to connect to, an AdoQueryConnection object for this connection is added to the DataConnectionCollection collection.

If the form designer also enables submitting to this ADO connection, then an AdoSubmitConnection object for this connection is added to the DataConnectionCollection collection.

For both kinds of connection, the name of the connection is specified by the form designer in the Data Connection Wizard user interface. The default names assigned in the wizard for each kind of connection are "Main connection" (AdoQueryConnection) and "Main connection submit" (AdoSubmitConnection).

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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