Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.WebServices Namespace

  Class Description
Public class ExcelService Excel Web Services is exposed as a web service.
Public class ParameterInfo Gets or sets the name and values of a parameter.
Public class RangeCoordinates The four integer coordinates used to select a contiguous range.
Public class SheetInfo Contains information about a sheet in a workbook.
Public class Size Defines the width and height of the chart image.
Public class Status Represents alert information.
Public class TypeExporter This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class WorkbookItem Represents named items in the workbook.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CalculateType Defines the different types of workbook calculation.
Public enumeration CellError Defines the supported cell error values that can be returned in an object during a call to the methods GetRange and GetCell.
Public enumeration ItemType Indicates the types of the returned items.
Public enumeration SaveOptions Specifies whether to overwrite an existing, unlocked file.
Public enumeration SheetType Indicates the type of sheet that is returned.
Public enumeration SheetVisibility Indicates whether the returned sheets are visible.
Public enumeration WorkbookCalculation Defines the calculation mode setting for a workbook.
Public enumeration WorkbookType Defines the supported workbook types.