MetadataNavigationKeyFilter Class

Represents a key filter used to filter metadata navigation to a meaningful, workable subset.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.MetadataNavigation
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement (in Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.dll)

public sealed class MetadataNavigationKeyFilter : MetadataNavigationItem

An object appears in the configured key filters in the MetadataNavigationSettings object for each key filter that is configured in a list. The appropriate edit control for the type of data will be shown to enable entering a field value. If it is the special Enterprise Keywords field, then the filter will be an All Tags filter, which enables you to find items with the managed metadata term in any of the Managed Metadata fields in the item.

Two special types of hierarchies are supported: content type, and enterprise keywords (multi-valued Managed Metadata enterprise keywords)

The following field types are also supported:

  • TaxonomyFieldType (single-valued Managed Metadata)

  • TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti (multi-valued Managed Metadata)

  • Choice (including multi-valued choice)

  • number types (Including Number, Currency and Integer)

  • User (including multi-valued user)

  • Boolean

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