SharedWorkspaceMember Interface

The SharedWorkspaceMember object represents a user who has rights in a shared document workspace.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public interface SharedWorkspaceMember : _IMsoDispObj

This object is a member of the SharedWorkspaceMembers collection.

Use the SharedWorkspaceMember object to manage users who have rights to participate in a shared workspace and to collaborate on the shared document(s) saved in the workspace.

The Role specified when the user is added as a member of the workspace (for example, "Reader" or "Contributor") determines that user's rights in the workspace and cannot be accessed or modified later through properties of the SharedWorkspaceMember object.

Use the Item(index) method of the SharedWorkspaceMembers collection to return a specific SharedWorkspaceMember object.

Use the SharedWorkspaceMember object's three distinct name properties to retrieve identifying information about the member:

  • The Name property returns the member's display name or friendly name.

  • The Email property returns the member's email address.

  • The DomainName property returns the member's domain and user name in the format domain\user.