MsoTextUnderlineType Enumeration

Indicates the type of underline for text.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum MsoTextUnderlineType

Member nameDescription
msoUnderlineMixedSpecifies a mix of underline types.
msoNoUnderlineSpecifies no underline.
msoUnderlineWordsSpecifies underlining words.
msoUnderlineSingleLineSpecifies a single line underline.
msoUnderlineDoubleLineSpecifies a double line underline.
msoUnderlineHeavyLineSpecifies a heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDottedLineSpecifies a dotted line underline.
msoUnderlineDottedHeavyLineSpecifies a dotted heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDashLineSpecifies a dash line underline.
msoUnderlineDashHeavyLineSpecifies a dash underline.
msoUnderlineDashLongLineSpecifies a dashed long line underline.
msoUnderlineDashLongHeavyLineSpecifies a long heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDashLineSpecifies a dot dash line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDashHeavyLineSpecifies a dot dash heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDotDashLineSpecifies a dot dot dash line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDotDashHeavyLineSpecifies a dot dot dash heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineWavyLineSpecifies a wavy line underline.
msoUnderlineWavyHeavyLineSpecifies a wavy heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineWavyDoubleLineSpecifies a wavy double line underline.