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MsoMetaPropertyType Enumeration
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MsoMetaPropertyType Enumeration

Specifies the metadata property type.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum MsoMetaPropertyType

Member nameDescription
msoMetaPropertyTypeUnknownRepresents an unknown value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeBooleanRepresents a Boolean value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeChoiceRepresents a value from one or more choices.
msoMetaPropertyTypeCalculatedRepresents a calculated value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeComputedRepresents a computed value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeCurrencyRepresents a Currency value
msoMetaPropertyTypeDateTimeRepresents a DateTime value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeFillInChoiceRepresents a value from two or more choices that is written-in by the user.
msoMetaPropertyTypeGuidRepresents a GUID value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeIntegerRepresents an Integer value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeLookupRepresents a value used to lookup another value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMultiChoiceLookupRepresents a collection of choices used to lookup another value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMultiChoiceRepresents a collection of choices.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMultiChoiceFillInRepresents a collection of choices that require the user to write-in a value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeNoteRepresents a value of one or more sentences.
msoMetaPropertyTypeNumberRepresents a generic number data type.
msoMetaPropertyTypeTextRepresents a Text value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeUrlRepresents a URL.
msoMetaPropertyTypeUserRepresents a category of user.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMaxRepresents the maximum value for a range.
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