MsoGradientStyle Enumeration

Specifies the style for a gradient fill.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum MsoGradientStyle

Member nameDescription
msoGradientMixedGradient is mixed.
msoGradientHorizontalGradient running horizontally across the shape.
msoGradientVerticalGradient running vertically down the shape.
msoGradientDiagonalUpDiagonal gradient moving from a bottom corner up to the opposite corner.
msoGradientDiagonalDownDiagonal gradient moving from a top corner down to the opposite corner.
msoGradientFromCornerGradient running from a corner to the other three corners.
msoGradientFromTitleGradient running from the title outward.
msoGradientFromCenterGradient running from the center out to the corners.