MsoButtonSetType Enumeration

Specifies the type of button to be displayed at the bottom of an Office Assistant balloon.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum MsoButtonSetType

Member nameDescription
msoButtonSetNoneNo buttons.
msoButtonSetOKOK button.
msoButtonSetCancelCancel button.
msoButtonSetOkCancelOK and Cancel buttons.
msoButtonSetYesNoYes and No buttons.
msoButtonSetYesNoCancelYes, No, and Cancel buttons.
msoButtonSetBackCloseBack and Close buttons.
msoButtonSetNextCloseNext and Close buttons.
msoButtonSetBackNextCloseBack, Next, and Close buttons.
msoButtonSetRetryCancelRetry and Cancel buttons.
msoButtonSetAbortRetryIgnoreAbort, Retry, and Ignore buttons.
msoButtonSetSearchCloseSearch and Close buttons.
msoButtonSetBackNextSnoozeBack, Next, and Snooze buttons.
msoButtonSetTipsOptionsCloseTips, Options, and Close buttons.
msoButtonSetYesAllNoCancelYes to All, No, and Cancel buttons.