MsoBalloonErrorType Enumeration

Specifies what error occurred in a balloon.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum MsoBalloonErrorType

Member nameDescription
msoBalloonErrorNoneNo error was encountered.
msoBalloonErrorOtherBalloon won't appear because some other error occurred, such as another modal balloon is already active.
msoBalloonErrorTooBigBalloon is too big to appear on the screen.
msoBalloonErrorOutOfMemoryBalloon won't appear because there is insufficient memory.
msoBalloonErrorBadPictureRefBalloon contains a graphic that couldn't be displayed because the file doesn't exist or because the graphic isn't a valid .BMP or .WMF file.
msoBalloonErrorBadReferenceBalloon contains an unrecognized or unsupported reference.
msoBalloonErrorButtonlessModalThe balloon you attempted to display is modal, but it contains no buttons. The balloon won't be shown because it can't be dismissed.
msoBalloonErrorButtonModelessThe balloon you attempted to display is modeless, contains buttons, and has no procedure assigned to the Callback property. The balloon won't be shown because a callback procedure is required for modeless balloons.
msoBalloonErrorBadCharacterBalloon contains an ASCII control character other than CR or LF and less than 32.
msoBalloonErrorCOMFailureBalloon could not be displayed because of a COM failure.
msoBalloonErrorCharNotTopmostForModalModal balloon was requested by an application that isn't the active application. Microsoft Office renders balloons for the active (topmost) application only.
msoBalloonErrorTooManyControlsBalloon contains more than twenty controls (check boxes or labels).