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Microsoft.Office.Core Namespace

Public interface_CommandBarActiveXInfrastructure.
Public interface_CommandBarButtonRepresents a button control on a command bar.
Public interface_CommandBarButtonEventsInfrastructure.
Public interface_CommandBarButtonEvents_EventEvents interface for Microsoft Office CommandBarButton object events.
Public interface_CommandBarComboBoxRepresents a combo box control on a command bar.
Public interface_CommandBarComboBoxEventsInfrastructure.
Public interface_CommandBarComboBoxEvents_EventEvents interface for Microsoft Office CommandBarComboBox object events.
Public interface_CommandBarsA collection of CommandBar objects that represent the command bars in the container application.
Public interface_CommandBarsEventsInfrastructure.
Public interface_CommandBarsEvents_EventEvents interface for Microsoft Office CommandBars object events.
Public interface_CustomTaskPaneRepresents a custom task pane in the container application.
Public interface_CustomTaskPaneEvents
Public interface_CustomTaskPaneEvents_Event
Public interface_CustomXMLPartRepresents a single _CustomXMLPart in a _CustomXMLParts collection.
Public interface_CustomXMLPartEvents
Public interface_CustomXMLPartEvents_Event
Public interface_CustomXMLPartsRepresents a collection of _CustomXMLPart objects.
Public interface_CustomXMLPartsEvents
Public interface_CustomXMLPartsEvents_Event
Public interface_CustomXMLSchemaCollectionRepresents a collection of CustomXMLSchema objects attached to a data stream.
Public interface_IMsoDispObjInfrastructure.
Public interface_IMsoOleAccDispObjInfrastructure.
Public interfaceAdjustmentsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceAnswerWizardRepresents the Answer Wizard in a Microsoft Office application.
Public interfaceAnswerWizardFilesThe AnswerWizardFiles collection contains all of the Answer Wizard files (with the file name extension .AW) available to the active Microsoft Office application.
Public interfaceAssistantRepresents the Microsoft Office Assistant.
Public interfaceAxesA collection of all the Axis objects in the specified chart.
Public interfaceBalloonRepresents the balloon where the Office Assistant displays information.
Public interfaceBalloonCheckboxRepresents a checkbox in the Office Assistant balloon.
Public interfaceBalloonCheckboxesA collection of BalloonCheckbox objects that represent all the check boxes in the Office Assistant balloon.
Public interfaceBalloonLabelRepresents a label in the Office Assistant balloon.
Public interfaceBalloonLabelsA collection of BalloonLabel objects that represent all the labels in the Office Assistant balloon.
Public interfaceBulletFormat2Represents bullet formatting.
Public interfaceCalloutFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceCanvasShapesInfrastructure.
Public interfaceChartColorFormatRepresents the color of a one-color object or the foreground or background color of an object with a gradient or patterned fill.
Public interfaceChartFillFormatUsed only with charts. Represents fill formatting for chart elements.
Public interfaceChartFont
Public interfaceChartGroupsA collection of all the ChartGroup objects in the specified chart.
Public interfaceChartPoint
Public interfaceColorFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceCOMAddInRepresents a COM add-in in the Microsoft Office host application.
Public interfaceCOMAddInsA collection of COMAddIns objects that provide information about a COM add-in registered in the Windows Registry.
Public interfaceCommandBarRepresents a command bar in the container application.
Public interfaceCommandBarButtonRepresents a button control on a command bar.
Public interfaceCommandBarComboBoxRepresents a combo box control on a command bar.
Public interfaceCommandBarControlRepresents a command bar control.
Public interfaceCommandBarControlsA collection of CommandBarControl objects that represent the command bar controls on a command bar.
Public interfaceCommandBarPopupRepresents a pop-up control on a command bar.
Public interfaceCommandBarsA collection of CommandBar objects that represent the command bars in the container application.
Public interfaceConnectorFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceContactCard
Public interfaceCrop
Public interfaceCustomTaskPane
Public interfaceCustomTaskPaneEvents
Public interfaceCustomXMLNodeRepresents an XML node in a tree in a document. The CustomXMLNode object is a member of the CustomXMLNodes collection.
Public interfaceCustomXMLNodesContains a collection of CustomXMLNode objects representing the XML nodes in a document.
Public interfaceCustomXMLPart
Public interfaceCustomXMLParts
Public interfaceCustomXMLPrefixMappingRepresents a namespace prefix.
Public interfaceCustomXMLPrefixMappingsRepresents a collection of CustomXMLPrefixMapping objects.
Public interfaceCustomXMLSchemaRepresents a schema in a _CustomXMLSchemaCollection collection.
Public interfaceCustomXMLSchemaCollection
Public interfaceCustomXMLValidationErrorRepresents a single validation error in a CustomXMLValidationErrors collection.
Public interfaceCustomXMLValidationErrorsRepresents a collection of CustomXMLValidationError objects.
Public interfaceDiagramNodeInfrastructure.
Public interfaceDiagramNodeChildrenInfrastructure.
Public interfaceDiagramNodesInfrastructure.
Public interfaceDocumentInspectorRepresents a Document Inspector module in a DocumentInspectors collection.
Public interfaceDocumentInspectorsRepresents a collection of DocumentInspector objects.
Public interfaceDocumentLibraryVersionThe DocumentLibraryVersion object represents a single saved version of a shared document that has versioning enabled and that is stored in a document library on the server.
Public interfaceDocumentLibraryVersionsThe DocumentLibraryVersions object represents a collection of DocumentLibraryVersion objects.
Public interfaceDocumentPropertiesA collection of DocumentProperty objects.
Public interfaceDocumentPropertyRepresents a custom or built-in document property of a container document.
Public interfaceEffectParameter
Public interfaceEffectParameters
Public interfaceEncryptionProviderProvides the methods for setting up permissions, applying the cryptography of the underlying encryption and decryption, and user authentication.
Public interfaceFileDialogProvides file dialog box functionality similar to the functionality of the standard Open and Save dialog boxes found in Microsoft Office applications.
Public interfaceFileDialogFilterRepresents a file filter in a file dialog box displayed through the FileDialog object.
Public interfaceFileDialogFiltersA collection of FileDialogFilter objects that represent the types of files that can be selected in a file dialog box that is displayed using the FileDialog object.
Public interfaceFileDialogSelectedItemsA collection of String values that correspond to the paths of the files or folders that a user has selected from a file dialog box displayed through the FileDialog object.
Public interfaceFileSearchRepresents the functionality of the Open dialog box accessible by the File menu.
Public interfaceFileTypesA collection of values of the type MsoFileType that determine which types of files are returned by the Execute method of the FileSearch object.
Public interfaceFillFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceFont2Contains font attributes (for example, font name, font size, and color) for an object.
Public interfaceFoundFilesRepresents the list of files returned from a file search.
Public interfaceFreeformBuilderInfrastructure.
Public interfaceGlowFormatRepresents a glow effect around an Office graphic.
Public interfaceGradientStopRepresents one gradient stop.
Public interfaceGradientStopsContains a collection of GradientStop objects.
Public interfaceGridLines
Public interfaceGroupShapesInfrastructure.
Public interfaceHTMLProjectRepresents a top-level project branch, as in the Project Explorer in the Microsoft Script Editor.
Public interfaceHTMLProjectItemRepresents an individual project item that’s a project item branch in the Project Explorer in the Microsoft Script Editor.
Public interfaceHTMLProjectItemsA collection of HTMLProjectItem objects that represent the HTML project items contained in the HTMLProject object.
Public interfaceIAccessibleInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIAssistanceProvides a means for developers to create a customized help experience for users within Microsoft Office.
Public interfaceIBlogExtensibilityAn object that provides the ability to manipulate blog entries.
Public interfaceIBlogPictureExtensibilityRepresents an object that provides the ability to manipulate blog images.
Public interfaceICommandBarButtonEventsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceICommandBarComboBoxEventsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceICommandBarsEventsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIConverter
Public interfaceIConverterApplicationPreferences
Public interfaceIConverterPreferences
Public interfaceIConverterUICallback
Public interfaceICTPFactoryUsed to create a custom task pane.
Public interfaceICustomTaskPaneConsumerAn interface that provides access to the CTPFactoryAvailable(ICTPFactory) method that is used to create an instance of a custom task pane.
Public interfaceICustomXMLPartEvents
Public interfaceICustomXMLPartsEvents
Public interfaceIDocumentInspectorRepresents the interface through which the methods of a IDocumentInspector object are accessed.
Public interfaceIFind
Public interfaceIFoundFiles
Public interfaceILicAgentInfrastructure.
Public interfaceILicValidatorInfrastructure.
Public interfaceILicWizExternalInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIMsoAxis
Public interfaceIMsoAxisTitle
Public interfaceIMsoBorder
Public interfaceIMsoCharacters
Public interfaceIMsoChart
Public interfaceIMsoChartArea
Public interfaceIMsoChartData
Public interfaceIMsoChartFormat
Public interfaceIMsoChartGroup
Public interfaceIMsoChartTitle
Public interfaceIMsoContactCard
Public interfaceIMsoCorners
Public interfaceIMsoDataLabel
Public interfaceIMsoDataLabels
Public interfaceIMsoDataTable
Public interfaceIMsoDiagramInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIMsoDispCagNotifySinkInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIMsoDisplayUnitLabel
Public interfaceIMsoDownBars
Public interfaceIMsoDropLines
Public interfaceIMsoEnvelopeVBProvides access to functionality that lets you send documents as emails directly from Microsoft Office applications.
Public interfaceIMsoEnvelopeVBEventsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_EventEvents interface for Microsoft Office MsoEnvelope object events.
Public interfaceIMsoErrorBars
Public interfaceIMsoEServicesDialogInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIMsoFloor
Public interfaceIMsoHiLoLines
Public interfaceIMsoHyperlinks
Public interfaceIMsoInterior
Public interfaceIMsoLeaderLines
Public interfaceIMsoLegend
Public interfaceIMsoLegendKey
Public interfaceIMsoPlotArea
Public interfaceIMsoSeries
Public interfaceIMsoSeriesLines
Public interfaceIMsoTickLabels
Public interfaceIMsoTrendline
Public interfaceIMsoUpBars
Public interfaceIMsoWalls
Public interfaceIRibbonControlRepresents the object passed into every Ribbon user interface (UI) control's callback procedure.
Public interfaceIRibbonExtensibilityThe interface through which the Ribbon user interface (UI) communicates with a COM add-in to customize the UI.
Public interfaceIRibbonUIThe object that is returned by the onLoad procedure specified on the customUI tag. The object contains methods for invalidating control properties and for refreshing the user interface.
Public interfaceLanguageSettingsReturns information about the language settings in a Microsoft Office application.
Public interfaceLegendEntries
Public interfaceLegendEntry
Public interfaceLineFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceMetaPropertiesRepresents a collection of properties describing the metadata stored in a document.
Public interfaceMetaPropertyRepresents a single property in a collection of properties describing the metadata stored in a document.
Public interfaceMsoDebugOptionsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceMsoDebugOptions_UT
Public interfaceMsoDebugOptions_UTManager
Public interfaceMsoDebugOptions_UTRunResult
Public interfaceMsoDebugOptions_UTs
Public interfaceMsoEnvelopeProvides access to functionality that lets you send documents as emails directly from Microsoft Office applications.
Public interfaceNewFileThe NewFile object represents items listed on the New Item task pane available in several Microsoft Office applications.
Public interfaceODSOColumnRepresents a field in a data source.
Public interfaceODSOColumnsA collection of ODSOColumn objects that represent the data fields in a mail merge data source.
Public interfaceODSOFilterRepresents a filter to be applied to an attached mail merge data source.
Public interfaceODSOFiltersRepresents all the filters to apply to the data source attached to the mail merge publication.
Public interfaceOfficeDataSourceObjectRepresents the mail merge data source in a mail merge operation.
Public interfaceOfficeThemeRepresents a Microsoft Office theme.
Public interfaceParagraphFormat2Represents the paragraph formatting of a text range.
Public interfacePermissionUse the Permission object to restrict permissions to the active document and to return or set specific permissions settings.
Public interfacePickerDialog
Public interfacePickerField
Public interfacePickerFields
Public interfacePickerProperties
Public interfacePickerProperty
Public interfacePickerResult
Public interfacePickerResults
Public interfacePictureEffect
Public interfacePictureEffects
Public interfacePictureFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfacePointsA collection of all the ChartPoint objects in the specified series in a chart.
Public interfacePolicyItemRepresents an item within a ServerPolicy object that contains the settings for one policy.
Public interfacePropertyTestRepresents a single file search criterion.
Public interfacePropertyTestsA collection of PropertyTest objects that represent all the search criteria of a file search. Search criteria are listed in the Advanced Find dialog box (File menu, Open command, Advanced Find button).
Public interfaceReflectionFormatRepresents the reflection effect in Office graphics.
Public interfaceRuler2Represents the ruler for the text in the specified shape or for all text in the specified text style. Contains tab stops and the indentation settings for text outline levels.
Public interfaceRulerLevel2Contains first-line indent and hanging indent information for an outline level.
Public interfaceRulerLevels2A collection of all the RulerLevel2 objects on the specified ruler.
Public interfaceScopeFolderCorresponds to a searchable folder.
Public interfaceScopeFoldersA collection of ScopeFolder objects.
Public interfaceScriptRepresents a block of HTML script in a Microsoft Word document, on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or on a Microsoft PowerPoint slide.
Public interfaceScriptsA collection of Script objects that represent the collection of HTML scripts in the specified document.
Public interfaceSearchFoldersA collection of ScopeFolder objects that determines which folders are searched when the Execute method of the FileSearch object is called.
Public interfaceSearchScopeCorresponds to a type of folder tree that can be searched by using the FileSearch object.
Public interfaceSearchScopesA collection of SearchScope objects.
Public interfaceSeriesCollection
Public interfaceServerPolicyRepresents a policy specified for a document type stored on a server running Office SharePoint Server 2007.
Public interfaceShadowFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceShapeInfrastructure.
Public interfaceShapeNodeInfrastructure.
Public interfaceShapeNodesInfrastructure.
Public interfaceShapeRangeInfrastructure.
Public interfaceShapesInfrastructure.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceA SharedWorkspace object allows the developer to add the active document to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services document workspace on the server and to manage other objects in the shared workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceFileThe SharedWorkspaceFile object represents a file saved in a shared document workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceFilesA collection of the SharedWorkspaceFile objects in the current shared workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceFolderThe SharedWorkspaceFolder object represents a folder in a shared document workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceFoldersA collection of the SharedWorkspaceFolder objects in the current shared workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceLinkThe SharedWorkspaceLink object represents a URL link saved in a shared document workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceLinksA collection of the SharedWorkspaceLink objects in the current shared workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceMemberThe SharedWorkspaceMember object represents a user who has rights in a shared document workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceMembersA collection of the SharedWorkspaceMember objects in the current shared workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceTaskThe SharedWorkspaceTask object represents a task in a shared document workspace.
Public interfaceSharedWorkspaceTasksA collection of the SharedWorkspaceTask objects in the current shared workspace.
Public interfaceSignatureCorresponds to a digital signature that is attached to a document.
Public interfaceSignatureInfoRepresents the information used to create a digital or in-document signature.
Public interfaceSignatureProviderRepresents a signature provider add-in.
Public interfaceSignatureSetA collection of Signature objects that correspond to the digital signatures attached to a document.
Public interfaceSignatureSetupRepresents the information used to set up a signature packet.
Public interfaceSmartArt
Public interfaceSmartArtColor
Public interfaceSmartArtColors
Public interfaceSmartArtLayout
Public interfaceSmartArtLayouts
Public interfaceSmartArtNode
Public interfaceSmartArtNodes
Public interfaceSmartArtQuickStyle
Public interfaceSmartArtQuickStyles
Public interfaceSmartDocumentThe SmartDocument property of the Microsoft Office Word 2003 Document object and the Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Workbook object returns a SmartDocument object.
Public interfaceSoftEdgeFormatRepresents the soft edges effect in Office graphics.
Public interfaceSyncUse the Sync object to manage the synchronization of the local and server copies of a shared document stored in a Windows SharePoint Services document workspace.
Public interfaceTabStop2Represents a single tab stop. The TabStop2 object is a member of the TabStops2 collection.
Public interfaceTabStops2The collection of TabStop2 objects.
Public interfaceTextColumn2
Public interfaceTextEffectFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceTextFrameInfrastructure.
Public interfaceTextFrame2
Public interfaceTextRange2Represents the text frame in a Shape or ShapeRange objects.
Public interfaceThemeColorRepresents a color in the color scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
Public interfaceThemeColorSchemeRepresents the color scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
Public interfaceThemeEffectSchemeRepresents the effects scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
Public interfaceThemeFontRepresents a container for the font schemes of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
Public interfaceThemeFontsRepresents a collection of major and minor fonts in the font scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
Public interfaceThemeFontSchemeRepresents the font scheme of a Microsoft Office 2007 theme.
Public interfaceThreeDFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceTrendlines
Public interfaceUserPermissionThe UserPermission object associates a set of permissions on the active document with a single user and an optional expiration date.
Public interfaceWebComponentInfrastructure.
Public interfaceWebComponentFormatInfrastructure.
Public interfaceWebComponentPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public interfaceWebComponentWindowExternalInfrastructure.
Public interfaceWebPageFontRepresents the default font used when documents are saved as Web pages for a particular character set.
Public interfaceWebPageFontsA collection of WebPageFont objects that describe the proportional font, proportional font size, fixed-width font, and fixed-width font size used when documents are saved as Web pages.
Public interfaceWorkflowTaskRepresents a single workflow task in a WorkflowTasks collection.
Public interfaceWorkflowTasksRepresents a collection of WorkflowTask objects.
Public interfaceWorkflowTemplateRepresents one of the workflows available for the current document.
Public interfaceWorkflowTemplatesRepresents a collection of WorkflowTemplate objects.

Public delegate_CommandBarButtonEvents_ClickEventHandlerA Delegate type used to add an event handler for the Click event. The Click event occurs when the user clicks a CommandBarButton object.
Public delegate_CommandBarComboBoxEvents_ChangeEventHandlerA Delegate type used to add an event handler for the Change event. The Change event occurs when the end user changes the selection in a command bar combo box.
Public delegate_CommandBarsEvents_OnUpdateEventHandlerA Delegate type used to add an event handler for the OnUpdate event. The OnUpdate event occurs when any change is made to a command bar.
Public delegate_CustomTaskPaneEvents_DockPositionStateChangeEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomTaskPaneEvents_VisibleStateChangeEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomXMLPartEvents_NodeAfterDeleteEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomXMLPartEvents_NodeAfterInsertEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomXMLPartEvents_NodeAfterReplaceEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomXMLPartsEvents_PartAfterAddEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomXMLPartsEvents_PartAfterLoadEventHandler
Public delegate_CustomXMLPartsEvents_PartBeforeDeleteEventHandler
Public delegateIMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_EnvelopeHideEventHandlerA Delegate type used to add an event handler for the EnvelopeHide event. The EnvelopeHide event occurs when the user interface (UI) that corresponds to the MsoEnvelope object is hidden.
Public delegateIMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_EnvelopeShowEventHandlerA Delegate type used to add an event handler for the EnvelopeShow event. The EnvelopeShow event occurs when the user interface (UI) that corresponds to the MsoEnvelope object is displayed.

Public enumerationCertificateDetailProvides information about the digital certificate.
Public enumerationCertificateVerificationResultsProvides the results of verifying a digital certificate.
Public enumerationContentVerificationResultsProvides the status of verifying whether the content of a document has changed.
Public enumerationDocPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public enumerationEncryptionCipherMode
Public enumerationEncryptionProviderDetail
Public enumerationMailFormatSpecifies the format for an e-mail message. These formats correspond to the formats supported by Microsoft Outlook for e-mail messages.
Public enumerationMsoAlertButtonTypeSpecifies the buttons to be displayed when issuing an alert to the user with the DoAlert method of the Assistant object.
Public enumerationMsoAlertCancelTypeSpecifies behavior when the user cancels an alert. Only msoAlertCancelDefault is currently supported.
Public enumerationMsoAlertDefaultTypeSpecifies which button is set as the default when calling the DoAlert method of the Assistant object.
Public enumerationMsoAlertIconTypeSpecifies which icon, if any, to display with an alert.
Public enumerationMsoAlignCmdDefines how to align specified objects relative to one another.
Public enumerationMsoAnimationTypeSpecifies the animation action for the Office Assistant.
Public enumerationMsoAppLanguageIDSpecifies a language setting in a Microsoft Office application.
Public enumerationMsoArrowheadLengthSpecifies the length of the arrowhead at the end of a line.
Public enumerationMsoArrowheadStyleSpecifies the style of the arrowhead at the end of a line.
Public enumerationMsoArrowheadWidthSpecifies the width of the arrowhead at the end of a line.
Public enumerationMsoAutomationSecuritySpecifies the security mode an application uses when programmatically opening files.
Public enumerationMsoAutoShapeTypeSpecifies the shape type for an AutoShape object.
Public enumerationMsoAutoSizeDetermines the type of automatic sizing allowed.
Public enumerationMsoBackgroundStyleIndexIndicates the background style for an object.
Public enumerationMsoBalloonButtonTypeIndicates which button the user clicked in a balloon.
Public enumerationMsoBalloonErrorTypeSpecifies what error occurred in a balloon.
Public enumerationMsoBalloonTypeSpecifies the type of label used in a balloon.
Public enumerationMsoBarPositionSpecifies the position or behavior of a command bar.
Public enumerationMsoBarProtectionSpecifies how a command bar is protected from user customization.
Public enumerationMsoBarRowSpecifies whether a command bar is in the first row or last row relative to other command bars in the same docking area.
Public enumerationMsoBarTypeSpecifies the type of the command bar.
Public enumerationMsoBaselineAlignment
Public enumerationMsoBevelTypeIndicates the bevel type of a ThreeDFormat object.
Public enumerationMsoBlackWhiteModeSpecifies how a shape appears when viewed in black-and-white mode.
Public enumerationMsoBlogCategorySupport
Public enumerationMsoBlogImageType
Public enumerationMsoBulletType
Public enumerationMsoButtonSetTypeSpecifies the type of button to be displayed at the bottom of an Office Assistant balloon.
Public enumerationMsoButtonStateSpecifies the appearance of a command bar button control.
Public enumerationMsoButtonStyleSpecifies the style of a command bar button.
Public enumerationMsoButtonStyleHiddenInfrastructure.
Public enumerationMsoCalloutAngleTypeSpecifies the size of the angle between the callout line and the side of the callout text box.
Public enumerationMsoCalloutDropTypeSpecifies starting position of the callout line relative to the text bounding box.
Public enumerationMsoCalloutTypeSpecifies the type of callout line.
Public enumerationMsoCharacterSetSpecifies the character set to be used when rendering text.
Public enumerationMsoChartElementType
Public enumerationMsoClipboardFormat
Public enumerationMsoColorTypeSpecifies the color type.
Public enumerationMsoComboStyleSpecifies whether the command bar combo box includes a label or not.
Public enumerationMsoCommandBarButtonHyperlinkTypeSpecifies whether the command bar button is a hyperlink. If the command bar button is a hyperlink, further specifies whether the hyperlink should launch another application such as the browser or insert a picture at the active selection point.
Public enumerationMsoConditionDefines the condition for comparison between a file and a specified property in a file search.
Public enumerationMsoConnectorSpecifies the connector between two similar property test values.
Public enumerationMsoConnectorTypeSpecifies a type of connector.
Public enumerationMsoContactCardAddressType
Public enumerationMsoContactCardStyle
Public enumerationMsoContactCardType
Public enumerationMsoControlOLEUsageSpecifies the OLE client and OLE server roles in which a command bar control is used when two Microsoft Office applications are merged.
Public enumerationMsoControlTypeSpecifies the type of the command bar control.
Public enumerationMsoCTPDockPositionSpecifies the docking behavior of the custom task pane.
Public enumerationMsoCTPDockPositionRestrictSpecifies retrictions on the docking behavior of the custom task pane.
Public enumerationMsoCustomXMLNodeTypeSpecifies the node type.
Public enumerationMsoCustomXMLValidationErrorTypeIndicates how validation errors will be cleared or generated.
Public enumerationMsoDateTimeFormatSpecifies the format of a date/time data type.
Public enumerationMsoDiagramNodeTypeSpecifies type of diagram node.
Public enumerationMsoDiagramTypeSpecifies the type of diagram.
Public enumerationMsoDistributeCmdSpecifies how to evenly distribute a collection of shapes.
Public enumerationMsoDocInspectorStatusRepresents the results of running a Document Inspector module.
Public enumerationMsoDocPropertiesSpecifies the data type for a document property.
Public enumerationMsoEditingTypeSpecifies the editing type of a node.
Public enumerationMsoEncodingSpecifies the document encoding (code page or character set) for the Web browser to use when a user views a saved document.
Public enumerationMsoExtraInfoMethodSpecifies how to use the value specified in the ExtraInfo property of the FollowHyperlink method.
Public enumerationMsoExtrusionColorTypeSpecifies whether the extrusion color is based on the extruded shape's fill (the front face of the extrusion) and automatically changes when the shape's fill changes, or whether the extrusion color is independent of the shape's fill.
Public enumerationMsoFarEastLineBreakLanguageIDSpecifies the language to use to determine which line break level is used when the line break control option is turned on.
Public enumerationMsoFeatureInstallSpecifies how the application handles calls to methods and properties that require features not yet installed.
Public enumerationMsoFileDialogTypeSpecifies the type of a FileDialog object.
Public enumerationMsoFileDialogViewSpecifies the view presented to the user in a file dialog box.
Public enumerationMsoFileFindListByThis enumeration applies to the Macintosh only and should not be used.
Public enumerationMsoFileFindOptionsThis enumeration applies to the Macintosh only and should not be used.
Public enumerationMsoFileFindSortByThis enumeration applies to the Macintosh only and should not be used.
Public enumerationMsoFileFindViewSpecifies view to use for a file find process.
Public enumerationMsoFileNewActionSpecifies action to take when a user clicks an item in the task pane.
Public enumerationMsoFileNewSectionSpecifies the task pane section to which to add a file or where the file reference exists.
Public enumerationMsoFileTypeSpecifies a type of file.
Public enumerationMsoFileValidationMode
Public enumerationMsoFillTypeSpecifies a shape's fill type.
Public enumerationMsoFilterComparisonSpecifies how the Column and CompareTo properties are compared for an ODSOFilter object.
Public enumerationMsoFilterConjunctionSpecifies how a filter criterion relates to other filter criteria.
Public enumerationMsoFlipCmdSpecifies whether a shape should be flipped horizontally or vertically.
Public enumerationMsoFontLanguageIndexRepresents one of the three language fonts contained in the ThemeFonts collection
Public enumerationMsoGradientColorTypeSpecifies the type of gradient used in a shape's fill.
Public enumerationMsoGradientStyleSpecifies the style for a gradient fill.
Public enumerationMsoHorizontalAnchorSpecifies the horizontal alignment of text in a text frame.
Public enumerationMsoHTMLProjectOpenSpecifies the view in which an HTML project or project item is opened.
Public enumerationMsoHTMLProjectStateSpecifies the current state of an HTMLProject object.
Public enumerationMsoHyperlinkTypeSpecifies the type of hyperlink.
Public enumerationMsoIconTypeSpecifies an icon type to show in a Balloon object.
Public enumerationMsoIodGroup
Public enumerationMsoLanguageIDSpecifies which language to use.
Public enumerationMsoLanguageIDHiddenInfrastructure.
Public enumerationMsoLastModifiedSpecifies the period of time to filter files by the date last modified. Used with the LastModified property of the FileSearch object.
Public enumerationMsoLightRigTypeIndicates the effects lighting for an object.
Public enumerationMsoLineDashStyleSpecifies the dash style for a line.
Public enumerationMsoLineStyleSpecifies the style for a line.
Public enumerationMsoMenuAnimationSpecifies animation style for Microsoft Office command bars.
Public enumerationMsoMetaPropertyTypeSpecifies the metadata property type.
Public enumerationMsoMixedTypeThis enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
Public enumerationMsoModeTypeSpecifies the mode type for a Balloon object.
Public enumerationMsoMoveRowThis enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
Public enumerationMsoNumberedBulletStyle
Public enumerationMsoOLEMenuGroupSpecifies the menu group that a command bar pop-up control belongs to when the menu groups of the OLE server are merged with the menu groups of an OLE client (that is, when an object of the container application type is embedded in another application).
Public enumerationMsoOrgChartLayoutTypeIndicates how to format the child nodes in an organization chart.
Public enumerationMsoOrgChartOrientationSpecifies orientation of an organization chart.
Public enumerationMsoOrientationSpecifies orientation of an object when it is displayed or printed.
Public enumerationMsoParagraphAlignmentSpecifies paragraph alignment for a text block.
Public enumerationMsoPathFormatSpecifies the format of a file or folder path.
Public enumerationMsoPatternTypeSpecifies the fill pattern used in a shape.
Public enumerationMsoPermissionSpecifies an Information Rights Management (IRM) permission type for a document.
Public enumerationMsoPickerField
Public enumerationMsoPictureColorTypeSpecifies the color transformation applied to a picture.
Public enumerationMsoPictureEffectType
Public enumerationMsoPresetCameraIndicates the effects camera type used by the specified object.
Public enumerationMsoPresetExtrusionDirectionSpecifies the direction that the extrusion's sweep path takes away from the extruded shape (the front face of the extrusion).
Public enumerationMsoPresetGradientTypeSpecifies which predefined gradient to use to fill a shape.
Public enumerationMsoPresetLightingDirectionSpecifies the location of lighting on an extruded (three-dimensional) shape relative to the shape.
Public enumerationMsoPresetLightingSoftnessSpecifies the intensity of light used on a shape.
Public enumerationMsoPresetMaterialSpecifies the extrusion surface material.
Public enumerationMsoPresetTextEffectSpecifies what text effect to use on a WordArt object.
Public enumerationMsoPresetTextEffectShapeSpecifies shape of WordArt text.
Public enumerationMsoPresetTextureSpecifies texture to be used to fill a shape.
Public enumerationMsoPresetThreeDFormatSpecifies an extrusion (three-dimensional) format.
Public enumerationMsoReflectionType
Public enumerationMsoRelativeNodePositionSpecifies where a node is added to a diagram relative to existing nodes.
Public enumerationMsoScaleFromSpecifies which part of the shape retains its position when the shape is scaled.
Public enumerationMsoScreenSizeSpecifies the ideal screen resolution to be used to view a document in a Web browser.
Public enumerationMsoScriptLanguageSpecifies scripting language of the active script.
Public enumerationMsoScriptLocationSpecifies the location of the script anchor within a document.
Public enumerationMsoSearchInIndicates the area in which the Execute method of the FileSearch object searches for files.
Public enumerationMsoSegmentTypeSpecifies the type for a segment.
Public enumerationMsoShadowStyleSpecifies the type of shadowing effect.
Public enumerationMsoShadowTypeSpecifies the type of shadow displayed with a shape.
Public enumerationMsoShapeStyleIndexIndicates the line and shape style.
Public enumerationMsoShapeTypeSpecifies the type of a shape or range of shapes.
Public enumerationMsoSharedWorkspaceTaskPrioritySpecifies the priority for a shared workspace task.
Public enumerationMsoSharedWorkspaceTaskStatusSpecifies the status of a shared workspace task.
Public enumerationMsoSignatureSubsetSpecifies properties of the signature subset. These settings act as filters for signature sets.
Public enumerationMsoSmartArtNodePosition
Public enumerationMsoSmartArtNodeType
Public enumerationMsoSoftEdgeTypeSpecifies the type of soft edge effect.
Public enumerationMsoSortBySpecifies sort order for files in a FileSearch object's FoundFiles collection.
Public enumerationMsoSortOrderSpecifies whether files in a FileSearch object's FoundFiles collection should be sorted in ascending or descending order.
Public enumerationMsoSyncAvailableTypeSpecifies whether and under what circumstances synchronization is available for the document.
Public enumerationMsoSyncCompareTypeSpecifies how comparison between local copy and server copy should be done in a synchronization process.
Public enumerationMsoSyncConflictResolutionTypeSpecifies how conflicts should be resolved when synchronizing a shared document.
Public enumerationMsoSyncErrorTypeSpecifies a document synchronization error.
Public enumerationMsoSyncEventTypeSpecifies the return value of a Sync event.
Public enumerationMsoSyncStatusTypeSpecifies the status of the synchronization of the local copy of the active document with the server copy.
Public enumerationMsoSyncVersionTypeSpecifies which version of a shared document to open alongside the currently open local version.
Public enumerationMsoTabStopType
Public enumerationMsoTargetBrowserSpecifies target browser for documents viewed in a Web browser.
Public enumerationMsoTextCapsSpecifies the capitalization of the text.
Public enumerationMsoTextChangeCaseSpecifies the capitalization of text.
Public enumerationMsoTextCharWrapIndicates the type of text wrap.
Public enumerationMsoTextDirection
Public enumerationMsoTextEffectAlignmentSpecifies alignment for WordArt text.
Public enumerationMsoTextFontAlignIndicates the text alignment scheme used for an object.
Public enumerationMsoTextOrientationSpecifies orientation for text.
Public enumerationMsoTextStrikeIndicates the number of times a character is printed to darken the image.
Public enumerationMsoTextTabAlignIndicates the text alignment against tab stops or line breaks. The default value is msoTabAlignLeft.
Public enumerationMsoTextUnderlineTypeIndicates the type of underline for text.
Public enumerationMsoTextureAlignment
Public enumerationMsoTextureTypeSpecifies the texture type for the selected fill.
Public enumerationMsoThemeColorIndexIndicates the Office theme color.
Public enumerationMsoThemeColorSchemeIndexIndicates the color scheme for an Office theme.
Public enumerationMsoTriStateSpecifies a tri-state Boolean value.
Public enumerationMsoVerticalAnchorSpecifies the vertical alignment of text in a text frame.
Public enumerationMsoWarpFormatIndicates various image warping formats.
Public enumerationMsoWizardActTypeSpecifies the change to the Office Assistant Help session.
Public enumerationMsoWizardMsgTypeSpecifies context under which a wizard's callback procedure is called.
Public enumerationMsoZOrderCmdSpecifies where in the z-order a shape should be moved relative to other shapes.
Public enumerationOutSpaceSlabStyle
Public enumerationRibbonControlSize
Public enumerationSignatureDetailIndicates additional information about a signature.
Public enumerationSignatureLineImageIndicates the signature line image.
Public enumerationSignatureProviderDetailSpecifies properties of a signature provider.
Public enumerationSignatureTypeSpecifies properties of a signature.
Public enumerationXlAxisCrossesSpecifies the point on the specified axis where the other axis crosses.
Public enumerationXlAxisGroupSpecifies the type of axis group.
Public enumerationXlAxisTypeSpecifies the axis type.
Public enumerationXlBarShapeSpecifies the shape used with the 3-D bar or column chart.
Public enumerationXlBorderWeightSpecifies the weight of the border around a range.
Public enumerationXlCategoryTypeSpecifies the type of the category axis.
Public enumerationXlChartElementPositionSpecifies the position of the chart element.
Public enumerationXlChartItemSpecifies the type of the chart item.
Public enumerationXlChartOrientation
Public enumerationXlChartPictureTypeSpecifies how pictures are displayed on a column, bar picture chart, or legend key.
Public enumerationXlChartSplitTypeSpecifies the values displayed in the second chart in a pie chart or a bar of pie chart.
Public enumerationXlChartTypeSpecifies the chart type.
Public enumerationXlColorIndexSpecifies the color of a selected feature such as border, font, or fill.
Public enumerationXlConstantsSpecifies global constants used in Microsoft Excel.
Public enumerationXlDataLabelPositionIndicates the position of data labels relative to the data markers.
Public enumerationXlDataLabelsTypeSpecifies the type of data label to apply. The default is typically xlDataLabelsShowValue.
Public enumerationXlDisplayBlanksAsSpecifies how blank cells are plotted on a chart.
Public enumerationXlDisplayUnitIndicates numeric units of measurement.
Public enumerationXlEndStyleCapSpecifies the end style for error bars.
Public enumerationXlErrorBarDirectionSpecifies which axis values are to receive error bars.
Public enumerationXlErrorBarIncludeSpecifies which error-bar parts to include.
Public enumerationXlErrorBarTypeSpecifies the range marked by error bars.
Public enumerationXlHAlignSpecifies the horizontal alignment for the object.
Public enumerationXlLegendPositionSpecifies the position of the legend on a chart.
Public enumerationXlMarkerStyleSpecifies the marker style for a point or series in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.
Public enumerationXlPieSliceIndex
Public enumerationXlPieSliceLocation
Public enumerationXlPivotFieldOrientationSpecifies the location of the field in a PivotTable report.
Public enumerationXlReadingOrder
Public enumerationXlRowColSpecifies whether the values corresponding to a particular data series are in rows or columns.
Public enumerationXlScaleTypeSpecifies the scale type of the value axis.
Public enumerationXlSizeRepresentsIndicates what the size measurement is in relation to.
Public enumerationXlTickLabelOrientationSpecifies the text orientation for tick-mark labels.
Public enumerationXlTickLabelPositionSpecifies the position of tick-mark labels on the specified axis.
Public enumerationXlTickMarkSpecifies the position of major and minor tick marks for an axis.
Public enumerationXlTimeUnitIndicates units of time measurement.
Public enumerationXlTrendlineTypeSpecifies how the trendline that smoothes out fluctuations in the data is calculated.
Public enumerationXlUnderlineStyleSpecifies the type of underline applied to a font.
Public enumerationXlVAlignSpecifies the vertical alignment for the object.

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