RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog class

Implements the IMetadataCatalog interface that works with offline solutions for Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS).


Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.BusinessData.MetadataModel
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.BusinessApplications.Runtime (in Microsoft.Office.BusinessApplications.Runtime.dll)

public class RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog : IMetadataCatalog, 

RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog provides access to BDC metadata that is deployed to Microsoft Office 2010 via taking external lists offline to Outlook or SharePoint Workspace, or that is installed as part of a Composite. It obtains the metadata from BCS host process (BCSSync.exe). If the host process is terminated, the metadata obtained from this metadata catalog will be invalid. The events provided in this class allow applications to know about the status of the connection and when the connection is lost applications should discard existing metadata and obtain new copies.

Object instances obtained from an instance of RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog can only be used with object instances obtained from the same instance of RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog. Using incompatible object instances with each other causes data corruption and other unexpected behavior.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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