TransactionSearchCriteria Class

Defines the transaction criteria for the operations result set.


Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.dll)

[DataContractAttribute(Name = "TransactionSearchCriteria", Namespace = "")]
public class TransactionSearchCriteria : IExtensibleDataObject

The TransactionSearchCriteria type exposes the following members.

Public methodTransactionSearchCriteriaInitializes a new instance of the TransactionSearchCriteria class.

Public propertyAttributeIdGets or sets an attribute ID.
Public propertyDateTimeBeginRangeGets or sets a beginning date/time filter.
Public propertyDateTimeEndRangeGets or sets an ending date/time filter.
Public propertyEntityIdGets or sets the globally unique identifier (GUID) or the name of an entity to further restrict output.
Public propertyExplicitHierarchyIdGets or sets an explicit hierarchy (for move transactions).
Public propertyExtensionDataGets or sets an object that contains extra data.
Public propertyMemberIdGets or sets a member ID.
Public propertyMemberTypeGets or sets a member type.
Public propertyModelIdGets or sets all transactions for a model or version or to query specific transactions using specified criteria.
Public propertyNewValueGets or sets the new value after the transaction.
Public propertyPageNumberGets or sets a page number.
Public propertyPageSizeGets or sets a page size.
Public propertyPriorValueGets or sets a prior transaction value.
Public propertySortColumnGets or sets the sort column.
Public propertySortDirectionGets or sets the sort direction.
Public propertyTransactionIdGets or sets a transaction ID.
Public propertyTransactionTypeGets or sets the transaction type.
Public propertyUserIdGets or sets a user ID.
Public propertyVersionIdGets or sets a version ID.

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