IService.BusinessRulesGet Method (BusinessRulesGetRequest)


Retrieves business rules.

Namespace:   Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.ServiceContracts
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.Contracts (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.Contracts.dll)

BusinessRulesGetResponse BusinessRulesGet(
	BusinessRulesGetRequest request

The BusinessRulesGet operation queries the existing business rules from an MDS repository. The operation returns a representative data model of the business rule structure and content.

The BRGetCriteria complex type specifies the desired filters. Each parameter is optional, and those that are specified are combined with AND logic.

The BRResultOptions complex type specifies the details that are desired in the output model. ResultType defaults to "none" in each case. The returned BusinessRuleSet type may contain collection of business rules, condition tree nodes, conditions, and/or actions. Each property of the resulting BusinessRules type is populated or not, according to the corresponding ResultType. A request that does not specify at least one BRResultOptions other than "none" results in an error, as this does not provide any data.

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