Model Class

Represents the highest level of data organization. Contains all of the members, entities, attributes, hierarchy relationships, collections, business rules, and versions that describe an aspect of the business.

Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.DataContracts
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.dll)

[DataContractAttribute(Name = "Model", Namespace = "")]
public sealed class Model : MdmDataContract<Identifier>

The Model type exposes the following members.

Public methodModelInitializes a new instance of the Model class.

Public propertyAuditInfoGets or sets the AuditInfo. (Inherited from MdmDataContract<IdType>.)
Public propertyDerivedHierarchiesGets or sets an ArrayOfDerivedHierarchy complex type.
Public propertyEntitiesGets or sets an ArrayOfEntity complex type.
Public propertyExplicitHierarchiesGets or sets an ArrayOfExplicitHierarchy complex type.
Public propertyIdentifierGets or sets the ID. (Inherited from MdmDataContract<IdType>.)
Public propertyPermissionGets or sets the permission. (Inherited from MdmDataContract<IdType>.)
Public propertyVersionFlagsGets or sets an ArrayOfVersionFlag complex type.
Public propertyVersionsGets or sets an ArrayOfVersion complex type.

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Public fieldIsAdministratorSpecifies a value indicating the relationship is that of administrator.
Public fieldIsSystemSpecifies a value indicating the relationship is that of system.

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